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Financial services - by combining local (share capital) and foreign financial resources, the Fund supported environmentally friendly municipal and private sector projects by issuing loans. The Fund has successfully raised the credit resources of international organizations (such as The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation, hereinafter - NEFCO) without using a state guarantee. The borrowed resources, together with the Fund's own resources (equity), were disbursed in loans and the financial resources recovered as a result of loan repayments were re-disbursed in new loans, thus ensuring continuous environmental improvement without increasing the actual amount of investment.

Within the framework of its activity, the Fund provided loans to local governments and their commercial companies for the implementation of environmental projects that have a positive impact on environmental protection, such as reducing emissions (financing fossil boilers or inefficient replacement of other types of boilers with efficient and more environmentally friendly heating solutions) and reduction of energy consumption, or prevention of environmental pollution by financing the construction of sewage and drinking water treatment plants. The issuance of the Fund's loans complied with the regulatory enactments regulating the issues of granting state aid, the conditions for the formation of aid to commercial activities, or the classification of aid as remuneration payments to public service providers.

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