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Governmental institutions

www.saeima.lv Saeima - the Latvian Parliament
www.mk.gov.lv The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia
www.vidm.gov.lv The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia
www.fm.gov.lv The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia

Collaboration partners in the process of preparation and realization of projects

www.undp.lv United Nations Development Program
www.lps.lv Latvian Association for Local and Regional Governments

Collaboration partners abroad

www.nefco.fi NEFCO
www.kfw.de KfW

Non-governmental organizations

www.lvpa.lv Latvian Association for Environmental Management
www.zalaispunkts.lv Latvian Green Dot
www.zalajosta.lv Green belt
www.packaging.lv Packaging Association of Latvia
www.vak.lv Latvian Environmental Protection Club
www.bvs.parks.lv Children School of Environment
www.lasa.lv Waste Management Association of Latvia
www.pdf.lv World Wildlife Fund
www.ldf.lv Latvian Fund for Nature

Mass-media information

www.videsfakti.lv Environmental facts
www.videsvestis.lv Environment Word
www.virums.lv Actualities about the environment
www.baltenergy.com Actualities in energetic
www.latvijasdaba.lv Encyclopaedia of kinds "Latvian Nature"


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