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Project "The latest technological solutions for the successful implementation of environmental projects realization"

Project goal: create an interactive system that combines the best academic solutions with practical possibilities, in order to facilitate the appropriate and efficient solutions to realize environmental projects.

Project activities:

  • Preparation of research report of the experience of Latvia and Europe in environmental infrastructure project implementation and the use of technologies
  • Gathering of information in a single database of Latvian companies, which participate in the implementation of environmental projects and their offered technological solutions
  • Web site creation
  • Creation of algorithm, which will make a simple and understandable system for analysis of the environmental projects, which would allow to the project implementers to evaluate the priorities of projects and to rate the possible technological solutions and costs of these priorities

Expected results of project:

1. Creation of interactive website with sections:

  • System description:
    o System of environmental infrastructure scheme and description of main components (water industry, heat supply, energy efficiency of buildings, waste management)
    o Technological solutions
    o The most frequent problems and solutions.
  • In the technology market, in which with the help of the algorithm, can be found:
    o Appropriate technological solutions for project adopters situation
    o Company contacts which offer these technologies or provide certain services
    o The possible cost of the project
    o Feedback from already realized project implementers who already installed technologies and company, which has carried out the work, contact information.
  • Input of monitoring data in electronic form after implementation, as well as the possibility to compare your achieved results with other implemented project monitoring data

2. Informative events of the new technologies and the results of the project:

  • Cycle of regional seminars
  • International conference

The benefits of the project:

  • For project implementers:
    o Information about the environmental infrastructure systems its operating principles - the main problems and their solutions
    o Project calculator - possibility to find the most suitable technological solutions and to make valuation of the costs
    o Feedback from technology supplier experience and functionality of installed equipment
    o Opportunity to prepare more qualitative applications
  • Technology suppliers:
    o Opportunity to distribute information about the products offered in the current database, by finding potential implementators of project

Project implementation time: from May 2009 to September 2010.

More information about the programm of the European economic area and the Norwegian financial instruments are in homepage of the Ministry of environmental protection and regional development.

As the result of EEA project is opened web page:

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