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Start page / Development cooperation / European commoN EneRgy dataSpace framework enabling data sHaringdriven Across - and beyond- eneRgy sErvices (ENERSHARE)

European commoN EneRgy dataSpace framework enabling data sHaringdriven Across - and beyond - eneRgy sErvices (ENERSHARE)

Project duration

01.07.2022. – 30.06.2025. (36 months)


The ongoing energy system digitization is making available an enormous amount of data, paving the way for data sharingenabled cross-value chain services, which may contribute to system-level increased efficiency and hence facilitate the energy transition. However data sharing in the energy sector is lagging behind, mainly due to lack of trust, privacy breaches risk and business models immaturity.

Project objective

The overall vision of ENERSHARE is to develop and demonstrate a European Common Energy Data Space which will deploy an ‘intra-energy’ and ‘cross-sector’ interoperable and trusted Energy Data Ecosystem. Private consumers, business (energy and non-energy) stakeholders and regulated operators will be able to access, share and reuse, based upon voluntary agreements (or legal obligations where such obligations are in force): (a) Large sources of currently fragmented and dispersed data; (b) Data-driven cross-value chain (energy and non-energy) services and Digital Twins for various purposes.

Main activities

a)deliver a Reference Architecture for a European Energy Data Space, which hybridizes SGAM with IDSA and GAIA-X architectures, by bringing data value chain perspective into the energy one b) evolve interoperability, trust, data value and governance building blocks to TRL 6-7 IDSA-compliant ones, adapt them to energy sector, and deploy:

  1. Across-energy and cross-sector data enhancement technology enablers and standardizable interfaces and open APIs by leveraging on open Standards (e.g. ETSI Context Broker) and ontologies (e.g. SAREF
  2. Trust-related connectors, to ensure privacy, confidentiality, cybersecurity-preserving trust,sovereignty and full control of data
  3. Blockchain/Smart contract-enriched marketplace for data versus energy assets/services coordination, sharing, exchange, and beyond financial compensation
  4. Cross-value chain value-added services and Digital Twins, by leveraging on privacy-preserving federated learning

c)integrate and deploy them within a Reference Implementation of a European Energy Data Space, which will be demonstrated along 7 pilots and 11 intra-electricity, intra-energy and beyond energy use cases

d)co-designSSH-based consumer-centric business models for energy data sharing enabling data beyond-financial value creation and spreading along value chain

d)prepare the ground for the European Energy Data Space setup, through alignment with EU-level relevant initiatives (GAIA-X, IDSA, BDVA, ETIP SNET, BRIDGE), contributing to Data Space standardization and boosting a level playing field for data sharing.

Project budget

Planned project budget 9 593 822.50 EUR. LEIF contributes to the Project as Project partner with amount 81 860.00 EUR.

Project lead partner:

  1.      Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa (ENG) – Italy

Project partners:

  1.      Rheinish-Westfalische technische hochschule Aachen(RWTH) - Germany
  2.      European dynamics Luxembourg SA (ED) – Luxembourg
  3.      Fraunhofer gesellshaft zur forderung der angewandten forschung EV (FhG) – Germany
  4.      Fundacio technalia research & innovation (TECNALIA) – Spain
  5.      Instituto de engenhariade sistemas e computadores, technologia e ciencia (INESC TEC) – Portugal
  6.      Nederlandse organisatie voor toegepast (TNO) – Netherlands
  7.      Ethnico metsovion polytechnion (NTUA) - Greece
  8.      Trialog ( TRIALOG) - France
  9.    Comsensus, komunikacija in senzorika, Doo (COMS) – Slovenia
  10.    Envirodual, trajnostno okoljsko in energetsko upravljanje, raziskave in izobrazevanje, D.O.O. (ENVIRODUAL) – Slovenia
  11.    Smart innovation Norway AS (SIN) – Norway
  12.    Fiware Foundation EV (Fiware) – Germany
  13.    International date spaces EV (IDSA) – Germany
  14.    Centro de investigacao EM Energa REN – State Grid SA (NESTER) – Portugal
  15.    ASM Terni SPA (ASM) – Italy
  16.    Eles DOO sistemski operater prenosnega elektroenergetskega omerzja (ELES) – Slovenia
  17.    Engie (EMGIE) – France
  18.    Depa Commercial SA (DEPA) – Greece
  19.    Cluster de energia (ACE) - Spain
  20.    Emotion SRL (EMOT) – Italy
  21.    Hine renovables Sl(HINE) – Spain
  22.    Electicite de France (EDF) – France
  23.    Komunalno podjetje velenje DOO (KPV) – Slovenia
  24.    Fortum OYJ (FORTUM) – Finland
  25.    Nokia OYJ (Nokia) – Finland
  26.    Elektro celje D.D. (EKC) - Slovenia
  27.    Elektro Ljubljana podjetje zadistribucijo elektricne energije D.D. (EKL) – Slovenia.

Project partner from Latvia

     29.   Latvian Environmental investment fund (LVIF)

Additional information: Aija Zučika, project manager, phone.+371 67845111

Project is financed by:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101069831

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