Big Data for Next Generation Energy (BD4NRG)

Big Data for Next Generation Energy (BD4NRG)

Project duration

01.01.2021. – 31.12.2023. (36 months)


The rising decentralization of the energy system is unveiling an enormous opportunity for energy stakeholders to leverage on big data & AI technologies to improve decision making. There are however some barriers hampering the exploitation of this potential, such as the lack of standardized big data architectures for smart grids and regulatory frameworks not enabling data sharing.

The overall vision and main objective of BD4NRG is to deliver an innovative smart grid-tailored near real time energy-specific open analytics modular framework which leverages on an open source highly distributed interoperability reference architecture (Fig.1.3). BD4NRG will enable edge-level AI-based cross-sector analytics for integrated and optimised smart energy grid management (incl. operation and planning), based on seamless data-information-knowledge exchange under respective sovereignty and regulatory principles.

Project objective

BD4NRG aims evolving, upscaling and demonstrating an innovative energy-tailored Big Data Analytics Toolbox (BD4NRG Toolbox) which will significantly contribute to achieve a techno-economic optimal management of Electric Power and Energy Systems (EPES) value chain.

Main activities

  1. deliver a reference architecture for Smart Energy, which aligns BDVA SRIA, IDSA and FIWARE architectures, SAREF standard and extend COSMAG specification to enable B2B multi-party data exchange, while providing full interoperability of leading-edge big data technologies with smart grid standards and operational frameworks.
  2. evolve and upscale a number of TRL 5-6 technology enablers, such as scalable sovereignty-preserving hybrid DLT/off-chain data governance, big data elastic pipeline orchestration, IoT/edge AI-based federated learning and multi-resource sharing tokenized marketplace, loosely integrate and deploy them within the TRL 7-8 BD4NRG framework.
  3. deliver a TRL8 open modular big data analytic toolbox as front-end for one-stop-shop analytics services development by orchestrating legacy and/or third party assets (data, computing resources, models, algorithms).
  4. validate such framework through the delivery of predictive and prescriptive edge AI-based big data analytics on 13 large scale pilots, deployed by different energy stakeholders (TSOs and DSOs power network operators, aggregators, storage/renewable assets operators, local energy communities, ESCOs, power market operators, municipalities, financial institutions and ENTSO-E), fully covering the energy value chain.
  5. setup a vibrant data-driven ecosystem through the SGBDAA Alliance, which will federate new energy data providers, attract SMEs for novel energy services provisioning through cascading funding and validate a hybrid energy/industry value chain supporting B2B joint digital platforms.

Project budget

Planned project budget 11 883 025.00 EUR. LEIF contributes to the Project as Project partner with amount 143 000.00 EUR.

Project lead partner

  1. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa (ENG) – Italy

Projekta partneri

  1. National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) – Greece
  2. Rheinisch-westfaelische technische hochschule Aachen (RWTH) - Germany
  3. European dynamics Luxembourg SA (ED) - Luxembourg
  4. International data spaces EV (IDSA) – Germany
  5. European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity AISBL (ENTSO-E) – Belgium
  6. University of West Attica / TILOS Smart Island (UNIWA) – Greece
  7. ATOS Spain SA (ATOS) – Spain
  8. Fundacion Cartif (CARTIF)– Spain
  9. Univerza v Ljubljani (UNILJ) – Slovenia
  10. Enel Green Power (ENELX) – Italy
  11. Rede Energéticas Nacionais (REN) – Portugal
  12. Centro de Investigação em Energia (RDN) – Portugal
  13. Uninova - Instituto Desenvolvimento de Novas Tecnologias (UNINOVA) – Portugal
  14. ENERCOUTIM – Associacao empresarialde energia solar de alcoutim (ENERC)- Portugal
  15. FIWARE Foundation EV (FIWARE) – Germany
  16. Centrica Business solutions Belgium (CENTRICA) - (Belgium)
  17. Nederlandse organisatie voor toegepast natuurwerenshappelijk onderzoek TNO (TNO) – Netherland
  18. ASM Terni SPA (ASM) – Italy
  19. Comsensus, Komunikacije in senzorika, Doo (CS) - Slovenia
  20. Holistic IKE (HOLISTIC) – Greece
  21. Interuniversitair micro-electronica centrum (IMEC) - Beligum
  22. Terrasigna SRL (TS) – Rumania
  23. Ubimet GMBH (UBIMET) – Austria
  24. Elektro Ljubljana podjetje zadistribucijo elektricne energije D.D. (EKL) - Slovenia
  25. Borzen, operater trga z elektriko, D.o.o.(BORZEN) -  Slovenia
  26. Ajuntamiento de sant cugat del valles (AJSCV) – Spain
  27. Eles doo sistemski operater prenosnega elektroergetskega omrezja (ELES) - Slovenia
  28. E-LEX – Studion legale (ELEX)  - Italy
  29. Osmangazi elektrik dagitim anonim sirketi (OEDAS) – Turkey
  30. Veoloa servicios lecam sociedad anonima unoersonal (VEOLIA) - Spain
  31. Stichting EGI (EGI) - Netherland
  32. Cintech Solutions LTD (CN) – Cyprus
  33. Emotion SRL (EMOT) - Italy

Project partner from Latvia

  1. Latvian Environmental investment fund (LVIF)

Additional information: Aija Zučika, project manager, phone.+371 67845111

Project is financed by:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 872613.

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